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BTOY is a stencil artist from Barcelona. Her latest shows were in the Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles; at the Brick lane Gallery, London; and at the Galerie Itinerrance in Paris. Andrea Michaelsson’s stencils are inspired by female icons from the 50’s.
Her work is often about rejects, people of difficult adjustment to a stable society. Andrea’s work is characterized by intertextuality; Heavy load nostalgic portraits (such as past models of 20’s and 50’s Hollywood like Judy Garland playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz or Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra) swayed by forceful brushstrokes and colour. BTOY presents in her works the postmodernism, eclectic, ephemeral, the result of the loss of social cohesion. Practicing stencil art since 2001 and thus settled her position in the international scene, Btoy has been invited by Banksy in the Cans Festival in 2008, along with fifty of the best stencil artists in the world.

You can read her interview with ISSA here.

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