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”Children and Fish should be heard” Mural by Magda Cwik October 16th, 2019

The latest mural entitled “Children and Fish should be heard” which Magda painted in Teofilów neighbourhood strongly relates to the current condition of our planet, as well as its uncertain future.

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Mega wall by Zed1 October 15th, 2019

“ The way to the sea“ by Zed1 at Monticello Conte Otto, Vicenza, Italy.  The work made for this wall celebrates the life and the research of happiness through the enthusiasm and the propensity to find ourself.

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NEVERCREW “Shifting machine” Mural in Cadenazzo, CH October 14th, 2019

One of NEVECREW’s latest murals was realized back in July with the title: “Shifting machine”. It is a 168 x 5,7 meters wall in Cadenazzo, Switzerland on a building that is going to be a new hub for the sorting of packages traffic for the southern region of Switzerland, (built by STISA SA).

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Decostruzione/Ricostruzione anamorphic mural by Greg Jager October 12th, 2019

Greg Jager recently finished his latest artwork in Genoa, an anamorphic mural on a school, to find a new point of view. The involved building is housing the Caffaro secondary school in Certosa (IT)

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New M-CITY wall in Łowicz/Poland October 12th, 2019

M-City‘s latest mural, belongs to his “Titan Works” series and this time he gets inspired by traditional cut-outs from Łowicz city in Poland. Divided by architecture into two groups, the depictions is a symmetrical folk story of blacksmiths working with horses.

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Mundane Ibiza sculptures become giant equalizers by AMADAMA October 11th, 2019

The 9th consecutive edition of the BLOOP international Proactive Art Festival an avant-garde art project by Biokip Labs that marries art, people with Ibiza`s rich heritage continues to render art inclusive and comprehensible to everybody.

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VVITCH a new project by Gio Pistone October 10th, 2019

After years dedicated to the “pure image”, artist Gio Pistone has felt the need for a more articulated type of expression. His new focus is on the woman’s body as seen through some historical periods. He decided to call it WITCH.

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Kez mythology mural in Volos with UrbanAct October 9th, 2019

UrbanAct organized and implemented a unique public mural in Volos city, Greece, with a thematic focusing on the myth of the Jason and the Argonautes. The project was implemented on a 120 metres long surface.

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Subset Piece – “Please Stand By” October 8th, 2019

SUBSET, an art collective from Dublin, Ireland , has shared with us their most recent installation at the Bushy Park bandstand in Dublin titled “Please Stand By”. The piece is inspired by the bandstand that has not seen a show in decades.

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