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Toctoc – the beauty of ugliness !

We are really happy to introduce you with Toctoc, a young french Artist, Street Artist, Illustrator (and more) that transformed ugliness into something beautiful, into something funny…but always with a hidden message !

c) Toc Toc

c) Toctoc

– What you choose to drink? Coffee, Tea, Beer, Soda or something else?

(Toctoc) Whisky.

-Introduce yourself to us!
I’m Toctoc, and I created the DUDUSS character in 2012, when I was still an Art School Student. My friends and Art School teachers kept telling me that  the DUDUSS was ugly and that I should stop drawing them. But I drew them everywhere.

– Where does your tag name come from?
It’s my nickname, when I was a Kid my friends and family started calling me like that, I don’t really know why, no one knowes (laughs). And when I started wheatpasting, with my friend JBC, he told me “you need tag name”…”Toctoc” was the obvious one.

– How do you define yourself? Artist? Street artist? Anything else?
Just an Artist. I do a lot of Street Art, but I’m also an illustrator, I create a lot of videos as well. As an iIllustrator, I like to add new characters to existing famous paintings. I try to create one per day in order to publish a book in the near future.

– How did it all start for you, and what is it nowadays?
When I finished high-school, at 17, I decided to study Art in Paris. I’m a country-side man, so I discovered graffiti when I moved to Paris. I loved this idea to paint in the streets, but I didn’t wanted to paint Graffitis, so I created the DUDUSS and started wheatpasting it everywhere. Today, on top of my Street Art activity, I’m a freelance illustrator and I’m exposing my work in galleries as well.

(c) Toc Toc

(c) Toctoc

– What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Coffee ! And I read my notes. I take notes every time I have and idea, which happens often at night. So I write them, in order to not forget them. My mother use to do this, so I’m doing the same.

– Street art is mostly a visually stimulating form of art. To add one more sense to it, what music would you pick to accompany your art work?
Well, hum…there are many and at the same time, nothing in particular. I like to listen to some US rap when I’m working, but not only. My favorite playlist would include Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Johnny Cash, The Stones and The Doors.

– In all forms of art, inspiration is crucial. What is it that inspires you?
Everything, the news, pop culture, books, expos, movies, etc. I like using popular characters, such as the Malabar Man (a french chewing gum icon) or Mister Clean and use them in a funny context.

(c) Toc Toc

(c) Toctoc

-Before Going to paint, what’s on your checklist to take with you?

My backpack, a glue brush, paper towels, a squeegee, my work, water (to drink and to wash my hands), a baseball cap to hide my face, I like discretion. I remember long time ago, I was wheatpasting with my parents around, and my father started screaming “Police !” (in fact it was a meter maid – laughs -). They both started running, leaving me there ! Few minutes later, I’ve seen the meter maid taking a picture of my DUDUSS.

– Do you have an artist(s) you admire and what for?
Can I name two? First, Tim Burton, I really love Tim’s movies and paintings. In fact, my first DUDUSS seris was an homage to Tim. He inspires me. The second would be Hansky. We both love to use humor and add messages in our work.

– Which cities are the most inspiring for you?
For Street Art ? Paris I think, I also like New York (Bushwick), Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can find great artists in the U.S.

(c) Toc Toc

(c) Toctoc

– What other passions do you have apart from art?
Music and Sports. Basket-ball, piano and guitar. And regarding Art… impressionism.

– Do you have a wild project that you dream of achieving some day?
A feature film or an animation film with Tim Burton…and DUDUSS. I’m dreaming about it since I was a teen.

– Tell us about your art, does it include symbolisms, messages or repeated patterns?
There is always a hidden message. For example, long time ago I pasted a bank note, and the bank note serial number included a message for my family and friends.  If you look carefully, you’ll often find something.

(c) Toc Toc

(c) Toctoc

-What Is your reaction when you realize that someone has vandalized your creation?
It’s part of the game. It didn’t mean I like it. And it depends what do you mean by “vandalized”. Tearing up or painting it might piss me off.  But adding stuff around, can be a positive thing.

– What do people first think of, or feel, when they see one of your works on the street?
They might think it’s ugly (laughs), they might smile. My style can disturb some people, but once they seen the sense of humor behind, they usually accept it.

– If you were a president what would you change in this world?
Free museums !

– As an artist, do you feel having some kind of responsibility towards Society?

I don’t care about responsibility, I just want to be free, with no constraints. I just want to share my ideas.

– What are your creative plans for the future?
More and more expos. I’m also launching my clothing brand, hand made, unique pieces. They will be available in July on my website.

(c) Toc Toc

(c) Toctoc

Thank you Toctoc!

It’s been great to get to know more about the mind behind such inspiring works!


Visit the official Toc Toc website here:

Find out more about Toc Toc on Facebook and Instagram

Toc Toc (c) Stephane Estevez

Toctoc (c) Stephane Estevez

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