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L7m talks to us and gives advice on how to best help artists.

L7m, was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in 1988, and since very early he started his relationship with art. When 13 years old he had his first contact with the spray, which opened his eyes for new tecniques and consequently new experiences and mixtures with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. His purpose: bother and inquire by traces and colors reverted in imagistic feelings.

(ISSA) -Hi, what you choose to drink? Coffee, Tea, Beer, Soda or something else?

(L7m) – I will choose absinthe for this interview

– Can you introduce yourself?

I do not like talking about myself, I prefer that others talk about me.

– Where does your tag name come from?

L7m are the initials of my name and surname (L + 7 + M). The number “7” is actually the seventh letter of the alphabet, the “G”, corresponding to my middle name. I have a special connection to the number 7, my mother had her children in an interval of 7 years … If I could be a number I would choose to be number 7.

– What do you consider yourself? Artist? Street artist? Anything else?

I cannot confine myself into a definition. Labels are for brands.

bresil l7m

bresil l7m

– How did it all start for you, and what it is today?

For me it is an eternal beginning. The difference between then and now is that; before, I paid for paint, and now they pay me to paint.

-What Is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

“Where am I?” I travel so much, that I do not know anymore where I live.

-Street Art is mostly a form visually stimulating art. To add another meaning to it, what music would you choose to accompany your art work?

None. Only silence.

-In Any form of art, inspiration is critical. What inspires you?

People and things that happen around me really inspire me. Everything in this world . I use beauty as an eye-catcher to draw people attention to the chaos of our lives and to our internal conflicts

l7m maracay venezuela

l7m maracay venezuela

-Before Going to paint, what is on your checklist to take with you?

I like forgetting something, so I ‘m forced to adapt myself and improvise like a jazzman.

-Do You have an artist that you admire and why?

Yes! Modigliani, Van Gogh, Caravaggio , Picasso, John James Audubon, Mark Rothko … they are artists that I admire because they have something different and special. I’m talking about strong personalities. I have no words to describe their self confidence and their inner tension. I can be inspired by their life or their work.

-Which cities do you think are the most inspiring for Street Art?

For me, the cities where there is not a lot of street art are the most inspiring.

l7m montpellier

l7m montpellier

-Do You have other passions besides art?

Yes, I have always loved Geography. I also love, the observation of human behavior, parapsychology and all the mysteries that science cannot prove.

– Which is your dream project – ignore costs, realistic thinking and all means.

My wildest dream is to paint a space rocket (ahahaah )

– Does your art include symbolisms, messages or repeated patterns?

Yes. In my art, there are a lot of symbols. You can often find colors and themes as foundation of my artistic work . Like, for example, fluorescent pink, black and white, and the mixture of realism, abstract, and pastel drawings from childhood.

-What Is your reaction when you realize that someone has vandalized your creation?

This is a position I respect. For me it is like an accolade. Because it is important to take a stand and be free to speak.

-What Do you believe people first think of, or feel when they see your works?

I think that first, they are surprised, then, they take a closer look at all the details and start understanding the chaos that I try to convey.

l7m part in the largest mural in the world in Dubai

l7m part in the largest mural in the world in Dubai

– If you were a president what would you change in the world?

For me, the world and nature, should not change. Perhaps it is the mentality and habits of the people who inhabit the planet that must change.

-Do you have any Interesting projects for the future?

I do not like to plan my life. I like when things are going the natural way. When a bird flies, it flies in the direction of a place sometimes he does not know. He does not know what he will find there, and right now, I am this bird.

“I enjoyed this interview and would like to leave a message for people who love art. For people that can see a work of art as the result of an aesthetic experience. This experience is not just simple merchandise. Art is the feeling, sweating, inspiration and especially love. In short, do not buy reproductions. If possible, encourage a young artist, although he is not known; or an artist on the decline who needs to continue its journey. Purchase original piece of art, a sketch, a drawing, a line … the artificial is already everywhere.”

l7m kassel germany

l7m kassel germany

Thank you 🙂 .

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L7m barcelona

L7m barcelona

l7m london

l7m london


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