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Meet IDRO51, an award winning rebel whose abstract art reminds us of colourful clusters interconnecting us with a world of expressionism. His art is the result of combining graffiti with graphic design and a few punk vibes! We are excited to present to you some background information on this fine Italian street artist from this interview he gave us while visiting Rome.

(ISSA) – Introduce yourself to us!

(IDRO51) – Hi everyone! My name is IDRO51, I’m an Italian independent artist addicted with graffiti and street art. I’m also an award-winning designer with roots in graphic design, illustration and fashion.

– Where does your tag name come from? 

My tag comes from the word “hydrosphere” (which means containing all surface waters) the idea around the entire life and its mystery, like the secret behind the famous area51 😉

– How do you define yourself? Artist? Street artist? graphic designer? art director? Anything else?

Award Winning Rebel…makes sense!

– How did it all start for you, and what is it nowadays? 

I started as a child drawing comics and in the ’90s I was involved in graffiti, my first piece was an illegal trowie “CAOS” inspired by the philosopher Theodor Adorno, who says about art: “the task of art today is to bring chaos into order!” This quote inspired my work and it’s still inspiring my life. Actually I’m pushing my art research in different ways trying to set a connection with my background and my passion.

– Through this artistic evolution, have the tools you use and the surfaces you paint on ever changed?

The tools are always the same: markers first of all, and then brushes, sprays and computer. Before painting walls, I was drawing on paper and when I discovered the graphic pad I’ve pushed my style through technology, but then I came back to actual paints and aerosol spray, to which I’m addicted!

– Is tagging still an important part of your artistic production? Why?

Behind every tag there is a story, and behind every story there are people. For me tagging has always been a pacific way to claim public spaces that doesn’t look accessible. Tagging is an act of rebellion through the system but also a way to tell the world that you exist and that you have something to say. Today more than ever leaving your mark through your tag equals to contain the essence of your thoughts and artistic research in a signature.

– Besides tagging, do you use markers – such as Molotow Markers – in your artistic production? How and why?

I use markers to draw on paper and sketch on my black book, but also to paint on canvas or any other surface. My style and my technical research are always evolving, but for me they are less interesting than the artistic expression, which goes beyond the material I use.

– Tell us about your art, does it include symbolisms, messages or repeated patterns?

My art is mainly abstract expressionism and surrealism at the same time with a touch of punk vibes mixed with an aesthetic pattern made by my inner world and my background and vision.



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