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Aly Calle: beyond the images

Aly Calle Is a young emerging Spanish artist whose artistic practice has developed a reflection on issues of gender using the street as a space for exploration and discovery. An interdisciplinary artist who broaches differents types of art such as painting, drawing, collage, installation, and video. Her work explores the world of the woman through the stereotype and the fetish as the creation of sex, roles, and gender. It plays with time: past, present, and future.

– Hello Aly, what is Street Art for you? What impact has it had in your life?

For me, Street Art is a way to development projects without the necessity to take part in the institutional circuit of art. The street is a place where I feel comfortable and from where I believe we can say a lot of things that sometimes is more difficult to say or claim from the other places.

– How did you start to work in the streets and why?

Everything began some years ago, in 2008, I studied Fine Arts at the University where I took the signature lecture by Javier Abarca where he was teaching about urban art, graffiti, and interventions, in which you need to develop an urban art project.  During this time  I had the  good luck to meet some artist as Dos Jotas and spend some night with him and other artists such as E1000, Fragil and Skount. But later I´ve been disconnected some years.

-Describe to us a bit about your creative process while creating a piece.

To make pieces I use my daily work, Reading, taking news, information and images which I organize and later I will use to make the Works of art.



– What is your main goal as an artist?

Activism, expression and reflection.

– Does Street Art ought to be a social or a political activity?

Both of them, social because Street Art  is in the city and its goal is the communication and political as a fight.

– What kind of reaction do you want your art to evoke?

A reflection and a way to make the fight more visible that exists in search of a gender equality in all areas, an equality that some are still committed to not finishing.

– How can we be informed about your next actions?

Through my website or Facebook or the website of my last Project editorial.

Salida de Emergencia (Copiar) (Copiar)


– How do you think your role as a female artist has impacted this predominately male-dominated culture?

It´s essential the image of the woman in this scenery dominated by men. The feminist fight is  necessary in this context as in the others.

-How can we make the presence of women in Street Art, more visible?

As in the rest of the areas, everybody must show the Works of the women artist in the natural way the same as the society show the works of men. In this case, as an example, you are making a good work, and also anothers projects like Madrid Street Art Project who try to give the same opportunities in their artist calls. All we must have is a personal compromise increasing the visibility of female artists.

– Street art has had a big impact on society in the last few years. Many artists manage to get in the spotlight and try making a career out of it. What do you think about this evolution?

Actually,  it is a natural evolution, to make exhibitions gives another perspective to your work, another opportunities and also another reflections. I think it must be something in balance, it´s impossible to use both spaces in the same way

Vínculo Irrompible.Su doble.pieza1 (Copiar)

– What are you working on nowadays?

After to have part the last times in several artists calls I am involved in the project “Unbreakable Link” curated by Susana Blas, edited by Nocapaper and presented last April, a project that encompasses ARTE URBANO + FEMINISMO + COLLAGE through ” Ritual “in which I propose an initiatory journey in search of the lost piece.

– What are your plans for the future?

My future plans? What a great question, I will try to continue with the struggle for equality, to survive in the best possible way and to continue developing projects whenever I can.

– Do you have a wild project that you dream of achieving some day?

Yes, I would love to be able to develop many projects.

C.A.L.L.E. Con tacto exteriror (Copiar)

-Is there a specific thought or message you would like to pass to our audience out there?

The fight must go on!

– Thank you Aly, its been great to know more about you and your views! 

Estela / ISSA Team


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