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A quick chat with Nardstar*

Nardstar* is a female artist based in Cape Town, South Africa who works on Walls x Canvas x Customs x Vector. Her love for cats can be seen throughout her work . Our local representative and partner, Dillion, brings us a quick interview with Nardstar*. Enjoy the chat:

Dillion: Who is Nardstar?

Nardstar: I am an artist from Cape Town, South Africa


Dillion: How do you introduce yourself to the general public when they ask what you do?

Nardstar: I tell them that I am and artist who paints on walls mostly but anything else too.




Dillion: When did you start on the Nardstar journey?

Nardstar: 10 years ago when I was a teenager.


Dillion: What’s your typical day like?

Nardstar: I come into the studio, make coffee, do admin things on the computer and then work on artwork or go out and paint or do commisions.


Dillion :What was your family’s reaction to your career choice?

Nardstar: They are supportive and happy for me.


Dillion: What’s it like being a female artist in South Africa?

Nardstar: It’s like being the elephant in the room. There are very little female artists in South Africa.


Dillion: In your work there are a lot of cats, why?

Nardstar: I had 4 cats so I have a lot of love for cats, also they are just really beautiful.




Dillion:  You have travelled and painted in other cities, favourite places so far?

Nardstar: Johannesburg


Dillion: What are you working on currently?

Nardstar: I am busy setting up an online store so that my art is more accessible to the people that love it.


Dillion:  Thoughts on the street art/ graffiti scene in Cape Town and SA

Nardstar: In Cape Town the scene is very suppressed but the city’s graffiti by-law which forces a permit procedure on artists and building owners to have art on the city’s walls. Because of the by-law the graffiti and street art is mostly happening in one area in the city which managed to recieve a blanket permit. Having graffiti and street art in only one area of the city is the worst thing I could ever think of. There is no actual graffiti in our city centre either because it gets buffed so quickly but what is a city without graffiti?!


Dillion:  Thoughts on street art festivals or lack thereof in Cape Town & SA

Nardstar: I think street art is getting a lot of love around the world with all the international festivals that are happening. I think our country still needs to get on that bus and people still have a lot to learn about art appreciation.


Dillion: Thoughts on Galleries and exhibitions?

Nardstar: Galleries and exhibitions are cool but finding ways to do things for yourself is amazing!


Dillion: Which artists do you admire?

Nardstar: I admire all graffiti artists and street artists who are commited to their artform.


Dillion: Do you collab a lot? With whom and what makes a great collab?

Nardstar: I don’t collab often but when I do it has to be with someone I work well with and whose work I love and respect.


Dillion: Plans for the future?

Nardstar: More, more, more!


Check out her Gallery of works

Twitter: @nard_star

Facebook: /nardstarfish

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