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ibug 2023 reached record attendance in Leipzig September 21st, 2023

The 18th edition of the Industriebrachenumgestaltung (say it in one breath) recently came to an end in Leipzig. The festival for urban art known as “ibug” took place at its premiere in the trade fair city as part of the theme year “The whole city as a stage”.

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BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival celebrates 15th edition in Ibiza August 14th, 2023

The world-renowned BLOOP Festival is excited to announce its 13th anniversary with the launch of its 15th edition in Ibiza, Spain this August.12th-25 th August

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First day in HANDS OFF THE WALL Female Festival July 29th, 2023

First day of this fascinating festival celebrating its fifth anniversary in the city of Munich. Curated by Chinagirltile and with the support and partners Loomit and @vereinurbanekunst.

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Mural by Fabio Petani with MrFijodor in Vigone (IT) July 12th, 2023

Fresh mural painted by Fabio Petani in collaboration with his friend MrFijodor in Vigone (IT). A Tribute to the Deer Supermoon, or what is defined as the most beautiful, brightest and (at least for the optical illusion) largest moon.

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Alice mural in Pieve di Santo Stefano (IT) July 11th, 2023

This recent wall by Italian street artist Alice Pasquini was commissioned by the municipality of Pieve di santo Stefano in Tuscany (IT) and is dedicated to the traditional festival of light.

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Nespoon Cross of Occitania in Blagnac France June 14th, 2023

Once more we have been amazed by the craftworkship on Polish street artist Nespoon who has recently visited Blagnac, an idyllic town in the south of France, in Occitania. It is a quiet, residential suburb of Toulouse,

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Latest Neon Mural by Spidertag in Bentonville USA June 13th, 2023

This is Spidertag‘s latest mural, The Interactive Neon Mural #16, done in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. This avant-garde project burst into the art scene to radically change the concept of muralism by taking it towards a new path ofexperimentation.

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NERONE work on UK’s biggest ever clean air mural June 12th, 2023

The UK’s largest clean air mural has been unveiled at The Bulb, Southampton, as part of the £3.5m transformation of Nelson Gate into a new STEM community hub by FI Real Estate Management.

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Joseph Ford’s Impossible Street Art photos May 6th, 2023

Major new collaboration by UK photographer Joseph Ford showcases the world street artists would create if there were no limits. Leading international street artists including Peeta, Levalet and Victoria Villasana are among

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