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November 09, 2018 to December 06, 2018

Ceramics, contemporary art, design and urban culture by Abel Iglesias, Inma Carpena, Lusesita, Rorro Berjano, Ruben Sanchez and Vitor Reis. The use of ceramics as a medium has historically been linked to artistic creation. Manual treatment of clay again attracts a big number of artists and creatives: design sneaks into artistic expression and works of art are often “designed” without forgetting an ancestral tradition.

In that melting pot of contemporary artistic creation, artisan practice is renewed making research and development part of the process.

Abel Iglesias has managed to consolidate his work despite his young age, he started studying artistic baccalaureate in Lleida and the superior degree of ceramics in Manises, the famous town of potters in Valencia. A multidisciplinary artist with his beginnings in the world of graffiti, whose vision of public space has led him to explore multiple forms of art based on abstraction, the ephemeral, the colors and the research in materials.

Inma Carpena, multidisciplinary creative and product designer focuses on the ceramic medium, both in the process improvement as in new materials, with each hybrid piece of Valencian local craft, innovation and design, looking for new ways to create everday objects but with other perspectives.

Lusesita (Laura Lasheras) plays in her creative process with chance, leaving open the dialogue with the material, and sometimes allowing, initially figurative ideas vanish to approximate more to abstract forms. In her works she works with themes such as nostalgia, memory, and memory.

Rorro Berjano is an artist who has always opened new directions about the initiatory experiences that kept him in contact, from the plastic and objectual possibilities, with the Afro-Cuban ancestral culture and with the social atmosphere that he observed in his progressive approach to religious syncretism and Caribbean idiosyncrasy. A particular approach that feeds on numerous elements that coincide in affirming, with rotundity, a high and transcendental positioning around different formal precedents such as street art, contemporary popular culture and aesthetics. Primitivist, filtered by the juxtaposition of ideas and pictorial records close to the current collective imaginary.

Ruben Sanchez colorful graphic style resonates through all of his projects, on his work you will find the avoidance of symmetry and perfect proportions, vibrant color palettes where you can depict different elements and characters in fragile balance. Visual tension, chain reactions and connectivity, always surrounded by a Mediterranean vibe, in a journey with no destination..

Vitor Reis descends from a family of traditional potters from Caldas da Rainha, the city where he attended the Art College and completed his Fine Arts degree. His artistic journey focused mainly on the sculpture discipline, but more recently he discovered the potential of ceramics as a way of expression. Vitor’s work captures a lot of the energy of that traditional ceramic that always overflows with ironic statements and criticism. He is exhibiting his ceramic work and taking part in events and interactive projects where the audience has a participatory engagement with the work, placing ceramics at the center of people’s lives.

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