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“In Wall We Trust” 2017 check the website

June 25, 2017 to July 03, 2017

The international festival celebrates it´s  seventh edition thus strengthens itself as a global event, able to attract interest and attentions from all over the world, but with strong territorial implications. In recent years, in fact, there have been several examples of great wall paintings that allowed to recover degraded or forgotten areas, as happened last year with the interventions of Raro and Lume in Pannarano, of the Italian-Venezuelan Gomez in the center Historians of Piazza Tribunali and Corso Matteotti in Airola, Catalan Mohamed LGhacham at Corso Caudisi still in Airola, Naf-Mk and Uruguayan Colectivo Licuado in the San Donato district, always in Airola.

After the first part of June, the festival will continue with further stages in August and autumn. “We have several works in various locations in the city, keeping the purely figurative style of the wall paintings that distinguishes our festival, unique in this kind, pushed Even from the enthusiasm of the local community, “says In Wall We Trust’s Domenico Naf-Mk curator, maintaining the momentum for a particularly stimulating event.


Performing the first of the international guests of the seventh edition, namely the Ukrainian writer Sasha Korban. Class 1987, the thirty-year-old Kiev artist, with a minaret past, began to devote himself to street art since 2009. A peculiar feature of his work is the creation of portraits made with a line of techniques (spray, brush, oil colors, etc.) and styles (photorealism, pop art, decorative painting, concept art). He is also participating in numerous festivals, including Newton Street Degustation (Kharkiv, 2010), Space Jam (Mykolaiv, 2011), Yalta Summer Jam (Yalta, 2011, 2012, 2013), KeramoGraffiti Fest (Volpszawa, Poltavshyna, 2013, 2014) . From 2014 some of his works are also exhibited in galleries.


The second intervention will begin three days later on Wednesday, June 28, at Corso Caudino, near Borgo Portisi. He will be the author of another international guest: the Greek artist Dimitri Taxis, writer, illustrator and painter. Coming from Athens, born in Poland in 1983, in recent years has created great works for the streets of the Greek capital (some are visible at ). Works on paper and canvas, combining a flat-shaped style with decorative curves that give more thickness to pictorial shapes. Among his latest projects, one should mention the illustration of the Greek version of The Wizard of Oz, a classic childhood immortal by L. Frank Baum.

From the first week of June, in fact, was launched the open call “for street art lovers”, designed to collect stickers and posters from around the world. The deadline for sending the works is September 15th, and as happened for the previous six editions, work is expected from five continents. The association In Wall We Trust, at the end of the call, will announce the date set for attaching posters and stickers to the locations found for the occasion.

Wall We Trust has always been thought by the organizers as a moment of strong artistic and human sharing between local communities and artists from abroad, in the spirit of cultural exchange and mutual enrichment. In addition, the festival is largely self-financed by the association, which is primarily involved in the reception, dining and accommodation of artists, with almost exclusively small and medium-sized local business sponsorships.

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