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vitrina Dolsé project by E1000 check the website

May 03, 2018 to June 06, 2018

Eight  colors with infinite shapes and variations is one of the ways for E1000 to give light to the abandonment spaces and objects  all recovered from its sphere.

The 7th, magical number chosen by Pythagoras as the perfect number. It is represented  in nature  many occasions: 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 classic planets in astrology, the 7 wonders of humanity, the 7 deadly sins, etc. Even the  cycle moon changes  every 7 days to mark the months. Deep perfection and spiritual balance.

For its part, the number 8 has historically been understood as renewal and balance. It is the atomic number of oxygen and also represents the eternal cosmic movement, the basis of regeneration and infinity, and intimately linked to the word night. Curiously, in the binary system, 1000 is written. It is a figure that sometimes marks a limit and in others it represents infinity, used as the essence of identity through color and obsessive repetition.

“(7 + 1) The deepest of the infinite”, eighth proposal by VitrinaDolsé, intends to continue with the philosophy of this artistic project that began its journey in October 2017: show works of art on supports and unusual spaces and with accessible prices, as well as bringing art to the general public, without having to go to a museum or exhibition hall.

VitrinaDolsé is a project by Mónica de Juan and José Castellano.


Dolsé Antiques (c/ Mendizábal 4, Oviedo)

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