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Vignettes at BSMT check the website

November 30, 2023 to December 14, 2023

BSMT will be closing 2023 with a group show set to peel back the layers of time through a collection of nostalgic ‘snap shot’ paintings by a collection of 39 artists across Urban and Contemporary art, a space for memory and artistic expression to converge.

Mirroring our collective and individual experiences,‘Vignettes’ seeks to echo past decades through a series of 40 x 40cm works, each a unique narrative fragment capturing the essence of a period of time through diverse artistic lenses. With over 40 works available from both established and emerging artists, this capsule collection is a perfect opportunity for collectors to begin or diversify their collection by discovering new artists at affordable prices.

With drinks supplied by our good friends at 3AM Brewery and Debo on decks for the opening night, ‘Vignettes’ promises to take us on a whimsical and evocative journey between past and present, a collage of ‘remember when’ or ‘back in the day’ memories that are definitely worth revisiting!

Vignettes will be featuring work from the following artists:

Ben Eine, Bond Truluv, David Shillinglaw, Dotmasters, Eloise Dorr, Errol Theunissen, Eyesaw, Gary Stranger, Gokcen Yuksek, Himbad, Inkie, Jaune, Jimmer Wilmott, Jo Peel, Joe Sangre, Joseph Loughborough, KMG, Lucie Flynn, Manuel Zamudio, Max Solca, Medea, Mighty Monkey, Motelseven, Mr Cenz, Myne and Yours, Nerone, Perspicere, Pez, Populuxe, Real Hackney Dave, Richard Berner, Run, Russell Herron, Simon Hennessey, Skeleton Cardboard, Sweet Toof, Timothy Gatenby, Tizer, and Xenz.

You are invited to join us for the opening night of ‘Vignettes’ on November 30th, 2023. The show will run from December 1st to January 14th 2024.

Opening night drinks supplied by our good friends at 3AM Brewery and Debo will be on decks taking us on a musical journey.

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