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Valencia en Papel

December 15, 2017 to February 16, 2018

The exhibition brings together 14 artists who have left their signature in the streets of our city, their work has transcended the limits of it and be found on walls all around the world, invited by art festivals their paintings are shown at galleries, contemporary art fairs and museums, the graffiti and street art scene in Valencia would not have the recognition and status it has without them. All the artist take over the gallery walls this time, showing a selection of small format works, sketches, drawings and paintings on paper.


Deih, Dulk, Duke103, Dyox, Julieta XLF, Laguna626, David de Limon, Mario Mankey, Miedo12, Napol TBS, Omega TBS, PichiAvo, Vinz Feel Free and Xelon XLF.


Plastic Murs


Tuesday to Saturday
17:00 – 20:30h.

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