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March 21, 2019 to April 06, 2019

NextStreet Gallery has the pleasure to present “Urban Show”, an exhibition that brings together a group of some of the most influential artists : NUNO VIEGAS, DREW MERRITT, AARON LI HILL, KURAR and VERA KOCHUBEY.

Opening is: Thursday, March 21, 2019 from 19H to 22h – with a chance to meet Nuno Viegas in person! Also, free and open to the public.
✘ Nuno Viegas: also known as Metis, is a Portuguese artist with his own unique style. He managed to fill the gap between Street Art and Fine Arts by depicting hyper-realistic works inspired by his passion for hip-hop subculture.

✘ Drew Merritt: is native of New Mexico. In his work, the artist transposes classical art into contemporary art. His characters are traditionally beautiful and often contrast the white canvas which creates a theatrical effect.

✘ Kurar: is the pseudonym of a French street artist. In his works he addresses social problems such as post-urbanisation, climatic change, terrorism, etc., with poetry and dark humour.

✘ Aaron Li-Hill: is a Canadian artist specialised in movement. His unique style enables him to create figurative scenes which gives them a sweeping sense of energy.

✘ Vera Kochubey: is a Russian Artist based In Berlin. After graduating, she chose to work on the representation of spirituality in art. Her works mix interrogative statement and the concept of sexuality through ambiguous characters.

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