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October 10, 2015 to October 24, 2015

During this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) the Urban Art Festival Amsterdam Will celebrate its 5 th anniversary at Radion. It Will Be a stimulating and creative week program with diverse exhibitions (Stencil Masters and Graffuturism), and side events Bringing perspectives from a Range of disciplines and styles. At the start of the week Dutch artist duo Graphic Surgery Will create a 45m high wall artwork. Events Taking Place are from 10 th October up to 24 th October.
Urban Art Festival: has a long track record in Promoting street and urban art with awe-inspiring festivals and events. Since 2013 this is the Largest urban contemporary and street art festival in The Netherlands. It Strives to Introduce socially relevant thematic subjects and new art-forms into the country. This art festival Often looks for international and European synergies to Enhance and share the experiences and knowledge of the arts as well as to create an expansive platform of artists and initiatives. Furthermore, with this edition During ADE, curator Urban Art Now starts a series of events explores That art in the public space and the dynamics around it, In Particular Art Within The social sphere.

Introducing a new style
Urban Art Festival 2015 Will Introduce a new style of Urban Art witha Graffuturism Focused event, premiering this style to icts hearing in the Netherlands; this show Will Be dichotomous with a separate exhibition of Masters Stencil. Following Some introductory notes to this kind of urban art. Who are Exhibiting Artists are: C215, Hugo Kaagman, Pipsqueak Was Here, Jana & Js, Graphic Surgery, Kenor, The Mick Rock, UFO, Skount, and many more artists.

Graffuturism Relatively new is a movement of abstract graffiti art studios and galleries born in, qui sense of dynamism an incentive to and embraces the Digital Age. In this exhibition we’ll be showcasing the works of thirty Most recent artists, 15 from this form, Who are prominent in the movement Graffuturism. Due to the global nature of That allowed for a wide Range of aesthetics related to local and cultural influences of graffiti history. The artists are Chosen That Were The Most prominent Graffuturists from Europe, the United States, and South America Including Poesia who is the unofficial founder of Graffuturism. The art on display Will include work on canvas, prints, drawings on paper, a wide wall and site-specific installations abstract.

Tallest wall artwork in Amsterdam
Besides the Stencil and Graffuturism Masters exhibition, There are several side-events Taking Place at Radion. Dutch artist duo Graphic Surgery Will create Amsterdam’s tallest artwork on the wall side of Radion building. Graphic Surgery Are The Dutch masters in geometrical and abstract lines. The kind of lines you see in architecture, edges, city landscapes and details. Starting is 10 th October They Will create a mural artwork prior to the opening of Both exhibitions.

Festival side events
Other side events are a street art congress with talks from the people behind Amsterdam Street Art, Street Art Europe RUA and independent researcher Floor Basten. To wrap it all up in big urban art market Will take up with affordable original artwork, limited editions and unusual treasures.

Full line-up and program Stencil Masters exhibition A Bove (usa) – BTOY (es) – BUSTART (ch) – C215 (en) – canvaz (irl) – Czarnobyl (de) – ELK (to) – FAKE (nl) – HUGO Kaagman (nl) – IVES.ONE (nl) – JANA & JS (de) – YELLOW (be) – LIJNE (nl) – MANDO MARIE (usa) – Nafir (iran) – Orticanoodles (it) – OTTO SCHADE ( uk) – Pipsqueak WAS HERE (nl) – STF (en) – TANKPETROL (uk) – TERA ONE (de) Graffuturism exhibition BLAQK BLAQK (gr) – CORN79 (it) – GRAPHIC SURGERY (nl) – Kenor (es) – LABUENA YLAMALA (es) – MICK ROCK (nl) – OKUDA ​​(es) – UFO (s) – POESIA (usa) – POETA (ar) – SKOUNT & Gwion / TVBdesign (es) – VESOD (it) – WOW123 (de) – XO / THE LOST OBJECT (nl / usa)

10 th October 2015 – Wall artwork in progress
Graphic Surgery Will start Creating Their 45m high wall artwork. 17 th October 2015 – Congress Street Art

Amsterdam’s art predominant organisms give presentations about hot topics! Amsterdam Street Art, Street Art Europe RUA & Floor Basten (independent researcher). Open ACTA hosts the “Room for Conversation”.

Amsterdam’s predominant art organisations give presentations about hot topics! Amsterdam Street Art, Street Art Europe, R.U.A. & Floor Basten (independent researcher). Open ACTA hosts the “Room for Conversation”.

24 th October 2015 – Urban Art Market Our big urban art market is more than 300 m2 offers original work, limited editions rare treasures entre 10 and Euro 1000. Besides we-have vinyl art, street wear, urban jewelery, designer toys, good food and drinks, DJs, live bands and a lot of surprises!

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Location: Radion – Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam.

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