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‘The Social Paradox’

November 23, 2017 to November 26, 2017

Calio presents ‘The Social Paradox’, a pop up street art exhibition focusing and highlighting people’s over-reliance on technology and social media. 10 popular street artists from around the world have been commissioned to portray, in their own styles, ‘The Social Paradox’.


iHeart, Joe Iurato, London Police, Mad Steez, Martin Whatson, Mau Mau, Millo, Myneandyours, Nafir, Word To Mother.

iHeart  is a leading street artist with regards to the commentary about the use of Social Media. Vancouver based, iHeart uses graffiti stencils to highlight the negative impact of social media on its millions of users and its alienating effect on people, despite the opposite intent.
Joe Iurato  has a unique style brought together by multidiscipline techniques of art. His art is based on a foundation that lives in between
stencils and aerosol, falling somewhere between simplistic and photorealistic. He uses children in his art to convey his social messages.
London Police  are an established street art duo. Chaz and Bob aka ‘London Police’ are known for their iconic LADS character and precision marking techniques. Their art is motivated by an ethos of ‘Never be afraid, don’t be a hero and letthe good times roll’. Stolen Space Gallery has hosted two specific London Police exhibitions; IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT & ALL AT SEA. The two have also had solo exhibitions in popular cities around the world; Paris, Miami and LosAngeles.
Mad Steez is a muralist who captures attention with hisskillful drawing and amazing use of colours. A Mad Steez piece is recognisable from anywhere, and he is constantly contacted to commission pieces for brands and celebrities. Pretty impressive for a young man who is blind in one eye! Previous brand collaborations include: Nike, Vitamin Water & Mini BMW.
Martin Whatson  is just coming off a successful solo show in L.A. called ‘Revive’, that showcased his latest pieces of work. His art is urged by a search for beauty in what is usually considered ugly, out of style, or simply left behind. His abstract
graffiti and stencils approach uses grey tones as a basis but adds a vibrant use of colours to bring a splash of life to his motif. On top of his most recent ‘Revive’ exhibition, he’s had solo exhibitions in Oslo, Tokyo and Paris.
Mau Mau  is known for conveying topical and enviro-political themes with a humorous angle. He’s the hidden face of London’s famous graffiti fox. Mau Mau has had solo exhibitions in London and Bangkok.
Millo, has a background in architecture which comes through in his artwork. His staple is childlike figures, incorporated with shades of colour. PreviousMillo solo & group shows have taken pace London, Milan, Rio, Minsk and Chicago.
Myneandyours is an up and coming street artist plying his trade in Dubai. A London-born Iraqi, he felt trapped and used his signature cloud sticker to rebel against his frustrations. The sticker has turned into posters and now murals, whic can be found in popular locations all around Dubai. One of his key works happened when he combined with Ivanna Flores to collaborate a mural outside The Mine Dubai. He also
collaborated with Apple in 2017.
Nafir), leads a double life in Iran. By day, a regular jobsworth and by night, an illegal street artist who sprays his thoughts about incidents in Tehran, around the city. He’s very secretive, refuses to interview and his works are usually erased within 24 hours of them being created. Tehran, Sydney, Berlin and Brooklyn have all hosted solo Nafir exhibitions.

Word to Mother , creates art which you can look at for hours.
His paintings are uniquely layered, atop pieces of salvaged wood, integrating materials such as gold leaves. His works are drawn from hard life experiences, which he verbalises through his art. His latest solo exhibition ‘Forgot How To Fly’ took place Chicago. A staple
of Stolen Space Gallery, Word to Mother has had solo shows around the world (including Dubai) and been part numerous group exhibitions.

The general public will be able to attend the show on the 25th and 26th, following private viewings on the Thursday and Friday.

Thursday & Friday, RSVP ONLY, 6:00 p.m – 11:00 p.m
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m


Stolen Space Gallery, 17th Osborn Street,
London, E1 6TD


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