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September 06, 2018 to October 06, 2018

The Observer as a concept stems from the artist’s deep-rooted fascination with the woods and a growing desire to leave behind all the digital tools of the trade. Every single artwork is the result of a time-consuming, labour-intensive and exclusively analogue process. Within each one lies a hidden message, seamlessly blended in with the tree-rings. An observation of a time and place in history that this particular tree has lived through.

The exhibition showcases original artworks on paper as well as on canvas which are hand printed directly from the wooden source. There will also be a selection of screen prints, including a triptych of the original observers that marked the beginning of this year-long study. In addition to the visual art contributions, Skurk has also collaborated with Bergen’s sound designers to bring out the voice of the trees. The result can be heard and bought at the exhibition in the form of a beautifully crafted vinyl.


NuArt Gallery

Salvågergata 10,
4006 Stavanger

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