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The Cage wall changes look with Lucamaleonte’s mural check the website

April 22, 2024 to April 26, 2024

The entrance to the Mascagni theater in Villa Corridi changes its look: 14 years after the move of The Cage to via del Vecchio Lazzeretto, the large external wall adjacent to the gates of the live club will be filled with light and color thanks to the hands of the Roman street artist Lucamaleonte,

who together with a group of young teenagers will give new life to another wall in Livorno.

The initiative is part of Citizen Art – The value of active citizenship through street art, the project which since last September has allowed the creation of some artistic itineraries in the city, offering opportunities for youth training and discussion: «With an approach based on ‘learning, on action and on the use of artistic mediation techniques, the participants in the project were able to explore the public context, finally creating a concrete intervention» explains Ilaria Tamalio of MuraLi.

From 22nd to 26th April, the artist Lucamaleonte will be busy painting the external wall of the Livorno live club together with a group of teenagers: the initiative will conclude the project as a whole and will allow the valorisation and regeneration of the via del Vecchio Lazzeretto, a place loved and frequented by Livorno citizens of all ages.

The project will be carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Livorno and thanks to the contribution of the LINC Cooperative and the MuraLi association Let’s give color to the city, as well as the support of the Cultural Association The Cage and the technical support of Sikkens Colour, Non solo Bagno, Borgo Burger and Villa Liburnia.

The MuraLi association will be present at The Cage on the evening of April 24th, during the Modena City Ramblers concert, with its own stand.

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