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Telmo Miel 5 Year Anniversary check the website

September 01, 2017 to September 29, 2017

From the 1st until 29th of September 2017 Telmo Miel will celebrate their 5 year Anniversary at our gallery in
Rotterdam. The will display some fine art prints with a selection of a few murals they did in the past few
years.Telmo Pieper & Miel Krutzmann

‘’For 33 years Miel is called Miel and for 28 years Telmo is called Telmo. Together they have been called
vikings, or dutch bros. The bearded, laurel & hardy, the 4-armed printing machine.
They are laughed upon by people calling it marriage, while many would be envious of this pinkly clowded
union. They have been chewed up and spit out by the academy, but never lost sight of their plans, even though they
didn’t know what they where exactly. But this September Telmo Miel will be called Telmo Miel for 5 whole

They will celebrate their 5 year anniversary with an exhibition at our homebase. Showing a recap of what
happened in 5 years (and before) plus some new works to gaze upon with a beverage or two’’
Event: Telmo Miel 5 Year Anniversary
Exhibition Date: 1st Sept – 29th Sept 2017
Location: Sober Art Gallery
Adress: Zaagmolendrift 53 te Rotterdam

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