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TAPS & MOSES™ 2018 check the website

September 06, 2018 to October 06, 2018

The artist collective MOSES & TAPS™ belongs to the rare artists of the graffiti and street art universe who have maintained their anonymity despite their numerous illegal actions and commercial success. ALPHABET™ is the title of their new exhibition at the Kolly Gallery .


Behind the rather generic title hides an original concept, which corresponds exactly to the creative style and narrative of the collective – conceptuality and originality. The collective regards the alphabet as a self-contained system of character codes that they strive to abstract. Just as graffiti created its own semiotics through its elementary urban codes and style writing, the artist collective create their own code, through their distinctive way of abstracting graffiti. Their artistic concept is constantly evolving like language, therefore: the persons who master the code of MOSES & TAPS™ are alphabets and those who do not understand it are illiterates.

The collective indirectly claim a lasting commitment from their target audience, which leads to understanding of their development and creative practice.
The exhibition will present art works from two iconic series IMAGE OF GRAFFITI and SCRATCHITI.

The IMAGE OF GRAFFITI series derives from abstract, look-alike letters, which are merely a representation of graffiti writing. Thus IMAGE OF GRAFFITI examines the graffiti system and its perception in the social system.

SCRATCHITI refers to transience – the constant coming and going of graffiti. The multi-layered process of spraying and removing is reflected and at the same time it aims to build a bridge for the aesthetic understanding between graffiti and graffiti art. The conceptual play of perspective (“outside” and “inside”) is leading to understand the shift and connection between graffiti, graffiti art and institution.
The conceptual, corporate and artistic signature of MOSES & TAPS stands out once again in this exhibition. With the interplay between “outside” and “inside”, graffiti and graffiti art, they level up the theme of graffiti and graffiti art to a aesthetic-philosophical degree, which leads beyond the usual functional-aesthetic codes.


Kolly Gallery.
Seefeldstrasse 56  |  8008 Zürich

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