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TAKE 3 Street Art Belgrade VR check the website

December 15, 2020 to May 01, 2021

The first ever exhibition of Belgrade street art and graffiti in virtual reality that is from today accessible to the public from around the world. More than 40 works, created on the streets of Belgrade by local and foreign artists, are presented.

The exhibition “Take III – Loving Street Art Belgrade” can be visited using the unique virtual space of the VR-All-Art platform.


Visitors from all over the world can access the exhibition, from any computer or laptop, via the website – they can also use VR equipment. The goal of the exhibition is to provide a unique artistic experience and give the visitors a glimpse into the world of Belgrade graffiti and street art scene.

This innovative approach to the presentation of street art and graffiti enables visitors to familiarize themselves with artworks created by local and foreign artists on the streets of Belgrade.

“While there is no substitute for looking at graffiti and street art in real life, it has become evident in recent years, and especially in 2020, that new technologies can add an extra dimension to these artforms.” – said Ljiljana Radošević, art historian and author of the exhibition.

When visitors “step” into the exhibition “Take III – Loving Street art Belgrade” they can view more than 40 works divided into several categories: old school graffiti, collabs, characters, stencils, stickers and murals. The description of the works offers an insight into the history of the graffiti and street art culture in Belgrade. All texts are in English and there is the possibility of an audio narration of the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition there is a life-size virtual replica of a Belgrade wall. Visitors can approach the wall and inspect the artworks in detail.

The author of the project is the organization “Street Art Belgrade” whose members have been researching, documenting and popularizing street art and graffiti for more than two decades. The artworks chosen for the exhibition are the ones that were most popular on the Instagram account “Street Art Belgrade” in the previous period.

The exhibition is located on the revolutionary VR-All-Art platform which serves as a place to exhibit and explore works of art in virtual and extended realities.

The goal of the project “Street Art Belgrade” and the exhibition is to make images and information on graffiti and street art available to a broad audience.

The project is done with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.



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