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July 30, 2022 to April 16, 2023

Munich offers a place to discover the fascinating world of street art through the eyes of a child. They take us to an imaginary city to discover techniques and processes in a didactic and interactive way. Chalk, stickers, objects, wool, multiple materials available to families to discover that the possibilities of urban art are many beyond graffiti and muralism.
Workshops, explanatory panels, books and actions complement the space where we can awaken our gaze to the world of street art. Today in the hands of one of its curators, Carina Beckmann, we have enjoyed the many possibilities of an exhibition designed for all audiences.

In StyleCity many things are extraordinary. In the city parks there are tree branches with knitted “clothes” and you can find little creatures dancing on them. In the Café paper and paint are served, and under the bridge you can find, behind the fine mist, colourful works of art. In our city you yourself become involved in the street art. During your city tour look carefully to discover hidden artistic details in unexpected places.

Try out the many different types of street art yourself and discover what appeals to you. You can paint buildings, string colourful yarn from branch to branch in the park, and repair holes in walls and footpaths using Legos. At the train station discover the entire ABC of street art. Using paste-ups and stencils, create a work of art together with others.

Bring your ideas and inspiration to the Children’s Museum – come help us style our city.

-PLACE: Kindermuseum München

Arnulfstr. 3,

80335 Munich

Munich Central Station. Side entrance Starnberger Bh

-Hours (while school is in session)___________Thursday & Friday14:00 – 17:00

Weekends, holidays (if on a Thursday or Friday)————10:00 – 17:00

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Hours (during school holidays)___________________Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 17:00

Closed Monday


per Person (from 4 years)            € 5.50

Groups from 10 people € 4.50

Family Day Pass  (up to 5 people, incl. at least 2 adults,

every additional person: €4.50) € 16.00

Munich offers a place to discover the fascinating world of street art through the eyes of a child.

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