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Street Arts Festival -Mostar 2016- Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 20, 2016 to June 04, 2016

After four successful years, 5th International Street Arts festival Mostar  is near and again  it’s brings art in public space of Mostar, connecting artists from all around the world and as such it is creating multicultural platform for street art in city of Mostar. It will gather students from UWC Mostar, local artist and artist from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Beograd, Zagreb and Split. Festival will also host international artist from Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Austria, Poland  and Chile.

Some artist who will participate on the festival: Bifido, Luca Ledda, Carne ( Italy), Magdalena Kościańska (Poland), Robin Abramovic ( Austria),  Pimp My Pump ( Croatia) , Jana Danilović ( Srbija) , Nataša Konjević , Maja Skenderović , Saša Peševski , Nardina Zubanović , Kerim Mušanović( BiH)

“With this festival we succeed to initiate unused creative energy of the city and youth, we opened space for artistic activities both professionals and amateurs. Although  we didn’t expect it in the beginning, Street Arts Festival Mostar has become recognized all around the world”, said founder of the Festival Marina MimozaDuring 16 days of the Festival, all kind of different surface around the city will be painted. Festival’s Off program will offer first solo exhibitions of young artists, concerts, jam sessions, performances, as well as workshops  and different contents for all generationswhich will be prepared by the students of UWCMostar.

Street Arts Festival was created in 2012. It’s creation was inspired by Banksy’s movie “Exit through the gift shop“. Organising this Festival, young enthusiasts made a contribution to the Mostar art scene, where after the war there wasn’t much shifting concerning the urban art. During last  four  years    of the Festival, city of Mostar has a new visual identity.Many ruined and abandoned buildings and spaces were painted by artists from all around the world. There are more than 50 murals in different parts of Mostar which attract attention from people of Mostar and all those who visit the city. Large number of independent artists support the Festival, such as: Ema Jones, Ale Senso, Ilja Stahil, Bifido, Pincho, B-toy, Colletivo FX, Astronaut, Bibbitto and many others.

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More about the programme and the festival:

mostar program

19:00 / Stara biblioteka – Unpluged Jam Session & Fire Poi Performans
21:00/ OKC Abrašević – Bass Invaders / Zakky, Rime & Ananas

11:00 /OKC Abrašević – Origami radionica
12:00 /OKC Abrašević – “Tide drie” – radionica bojanja tkanine
19:00/ OKC Abrašević – “Body talk”- performans slam poezije
20:00/ OKC Abrašević – Kino na otvorenom
21:00/ Koncert / Nipplepeople ( Zagreb)
23:00 /Afterparty @Arabica – Marina Mimoza & Erocki program

11:00/OKC Abrašević -radionica žongliranja (Fire poi)
14:00/ Park Zrinjevac – Teatarska radionica
16:00/ lLenjinovo šetalište/ Break Dance Jam w / Flow from Mo
21:00 / OKC Abrašević – Party/ Funk you ( Dubrovnik)

19:00/ Ćorovića kuća -Prva samostalna izložba “Intima” Megi Kunštek

19:00/ Galerija Virus -Prva samostalna izložba “Finim pijeskom praznine u kamenom zidu” Jasenke Hoffman
22:00/ Duradžik- Stari grad -Underground kod Zalaje w/ Mili Sefić

12:00/ OKC Abrašević – Replastik / izrada rukotvorina od plastičnih boca

13:00/ OKC Abrašević- radionica “Dva točka i moć mašte” w/ Magda Koscianska /Magic Suitcase
Staklena banka- Time Dust Concept

Staklena banka- Time Dust Concept

3.06. 2016.
20:00 / Staklena banka- Time Dust Performance

4.06. 2016.
12:00 / Coco Loco- Tale Quale Unpluged session
14:00/ OKC Abrašević – Vintage market
19:00 / Ćorovića kuća – prva samostalna izložba “Mala divljina” Antonije Tolić
21:00/ OKC Abrašević – Performans “Fusion”
22:00/ OKC Abrašević – Afterparty w/ Bass Ul ulema ( Sarajevo)



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