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Street Art Workshop for KIDS. Budapest

3 x 2 day street art workshop – techniques and practice, + 12 years. Art History, presentation of materials, practice BY Daniel FERENCZ artist.

Dates: 3 weekends consecutive – 21-22 and 28-29 November,  5-6 December.

Saturday 10am – 6pm////Sunday 10am – 4pm


21-22 November

Short introduction of the participants, presentation of the agenda and practical presentation

Street Art History – early art works, pioneer artists.

Inspiration: projection of short films

Presentation of artists/ Your name and your campaign – creative session/Sketch, drawing and tag on paper

28-29 November

Materials and techniques/Tutorials about materials, tools and usage/Stencil creation/Hand made, custom tools/Painting, coloring techniques and materials, inks

Creative performance/Sticker creation

 5-6 December

Your own signature/Your own tools/Your own project – planning, preparation

Site work: graffiti making at a legally dedicated wall in the city, poster making


Anderson Arts and Education Research Lab V. Ferenciek tere 4., Budapest, H-1053

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