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Street Art event “Fuck CHEAP” Bologna/ Italy

January 28, 2016 to January 31, 2016

Bologna is home these days the Fair ART 2016 and on this occasion two artists, 108 and Nicola Verlato, reshape the urban landscape of Indipendenza  street  Giuseppe street, and  Masini street , on the side of the bus. In the second place 108 create on the wall  43 forme del caos ,composite project that provides for the integration into a single unit of 250 square meters of wall space , scanned in 13 modules, each consisting of a triptych of message boards .

CHEAP awaits you in a temporary space dedicated to street poster art posters, new videos, expo, DJ sets & mapping, meetings & clashes with what’s happening in the city, in addition to the presentation of a new self-signed that CHEAP He tells our first 3 years of work.

Organized for the first time in May of 2013 Cheap is a festival every year that actively involves large portions of the city of Bologna, carrying out a project of urban regeneration of common areas through one of the most innovative forms of public art and life of recent years: the Street Art Posters.


CHEAP – street poster art: the book. A resume about three years of projects on CHEAP FESTIVAL.

CHEAP – 3 years of paper & glue | poster
108 | poster
Nicola Verlato | Hostia

All videos from CHEAP, including the unpublished 2015 edition with the work of Madame, Vinz Feel Free, Nem0’s Levalet, Bifido, Ufo5 + Werther.

::: STREET or STRIPPED of roads and snags with Bolognastreetart
Sunday, January 31 16:00 H


Stalingrado street 15/6 Bologna

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