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STAY WEIRD – a solo show by Dave Buonaguidi check the website

June 24, 2021 to July 11, 2021

Weird is cool. So is oddball, crazy, madcap and loony tunes. Because it’s better to be weird than vanilla. 99% of the people on earth want it simple. They want routine and a straightforward plan. The other 1% are weirdos.

They are driven by a different fuel, they wear weird clothes, they stay up all night making stuff, they challenge, they fuck up, they keep going, never giving up on their passion and every now and then when the gods look down on them, they have a chance to create something so interesting and so amazing and so cool, that culture is created.

In short, they do big things when they keep it weird.

‘STAY WEIRD’ is a celebration of those weirdos, a new solo show by Dave Buonaguidi. These pieces are for the weird. They are for everyone who has been labelled a ‘nutjob’, ‘bananas’ or just plain ‘bats*** crazy’ to hang on their walls with pride.

The edition of large STAY WEIRD YOU FUCKING WEIRDO artworks especially made for this exhibition have been printed entirely using Dave’s motorbike. And if you’re still in doubt, we have the videos to prove it! He built a rig in his studio that enabled him (with a few assistants) to pull prints while riding his Harley Davidson. He says, “I was called ‘f****** mental’ on several occasions by several people. But it actually worked. So f*** ‘em.”

STAY WEIRD opens with a private view at BSMT on Thursday June 24th and we are excited to be partnering with the brilliant people at Hackney bar and bottle shop ALL GOOD BEER who have come on board as sponsors for the night.

Join us from 6pm – 9pm on the opening night, with the show itself running until July 11th.

To attend the private view please RSVP via [email protected].

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