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‘Statement of Intent’ co-curated by SNIK @ BSMT Space check the website

October 14, 2021 to October 31, 2021

Opening this October and co-curated by SNIK, BSMT is proud to present ‘Statement of Intent’, a group show with gravitas.

Living through a pandemic has required a huge amount of resilience and self-reliance. This shift in consciousness and the slow societal migration to a new way of being has demanded a fresh approach to working practices. For some this was the leverage needed to transcend old styles bringing with it a resolve to discard practices or beliefs that no longer served a purpose and to shift a level up. This has become a gesture of self-validation, turning the fear of the unknown into producing with clear intent : ‘You create for a purpose and that purpose is your vocation’.

‘Statement of Intent’ is a move from the raw to the polished, a marked occasion for both artists and gallery to emerge from the shock and confusion of the past 18 months to present something direct, progressive and impactful. A group show curated to introduce the best in a new wave of Urban Art featuring bold abstraction, figurative and illustrative work and clean concepts the exhibition also encompasses artists from the Uk and Europe. The show line up includes: Aches Dub, Dilk, Edwin, KMG, Milu Correch, Mobstr, Mr Penfold, Snik, Tony Star and Voyder.

‘STATEMENT OF INTENT’ opens with a private view at BSMT SPACE gallery on October 14th from 6pm – 9pm.

The show will run from October 15th to October 31st.

For catalogue/guestlist contact: [email protected]

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