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SOMETHING INSIDE group show – VOVAKENO/FEROS/DILKONE check the website

October 14, 2021 to November 14, 2021

“Something inside” is a project of three Ukrainian artists who have worked as a team for 10 years. Works on this exhibition are the result of a creative search of the last few years.

Something inside” is presented as a metaphor for something that you can’t see or catch, something that is hard to explain using clear words or messages.

In the age oversaturated with a different kind of information, we don’t usually pay attention to visual information because it only takes us a split second to go to or scroll from one picture to another.

This process unnotiсeably becomes quicker as the future comes, leading us to no understanding of what is happening in the present. With our exhibition, we ask our viewers to stop for a bit and find something for themselves, so that they can see the things which are hard to see in a second and are hidden somewhere inside.”

Opening: 10.14.2021. 7PM Unmute Gallery (1071 Budapest, Csengery street 11.)

On view: 10.14.2021.- 11.14.2021.

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