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Solo Exhibition “Unreal Estate” by Evol New York, EE UU

June 25, 2015 to July 25, 2015

Jonathan LeVine Gallery  presents  a series of new works by Berlin-based artist EVOL in what will be his second solo exhibition at the gallery.

 EVOL’s layered stencil paintings on used cardboard and site specific locations portray unpopulated cityscapes with photographic precision. Drawing in his background in graffiti, he carefully selects materials with a weathered appearance to use as a canvas and applies spray paint to depict the unrenewed state of ordinary housing. Deftly incorporating torn edges, dents, tape fragments, box markings and the exposed corrugated textures of found materials, EVOL achieves convincing architectural illusions that convey elements of urban decay, allowing us to view our surrounding with a new perspective.
In Unreal Estate, EVOL comments on the ambiguity arising from the transformative stages of post-wall, pre-gentrified East Berlin to the new accomplishments of the burgeoning real estate market.
The artist describes: Society is constantly being pulled into an ever-expanding circuit of consumption. Fast real estate profits in city centers only target an exclusive and wealthy demographic, causing simple housing in traditional working class neighborhoods to also get the “luxury treatment.” These homes are often just dumbed in yellow paint and fake wood floods to achieve a certain standard, just enough to multiply the rent. The old dirty fuzz is replaced with something new and shiny, artificial and impersonal. Like a non-place, the traces of existing life, past history and their creators are erased. I see my pieces as portraits of areas within this stage of transition and I search for details and remnants that tell me a neighborhood is still alive.”
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 25, 6—8pm
557C West 23rd Street and 529 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011

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