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Solo exhibition “Tension” by Jan KALÁB, Berlin/Germany

December 10, 2015 to February 27, 2016

BC Gallery  presents “TENSION“ a solo exhibition by Czech artist Jan Kaláb, showing his latest canvases and sculpture.

The first level of tension in Jan Kaláb’s works comes from the development of his style. Coming from classic letter graffiti, where the message is portrayed in words and characters, his organic evolution brought Jan to a complete „melting“ of imagery to a more abstract shape and form. Using the circle or sphere as a boarder and a strongly defined color pallet for composition, tension is created by what is inside and outside the circle. There is always a main color that makes up most of the space that all other colors have to abide to.


Tension defined through colors and form. Choosing to show eight round canvases and one spherical sculpture creates tension between the dimensions. As earth is a sphere itself, holding a lot of tension from the beginning of evolution, the shape of the works and the title of the show go naturally hand in hand to display the tension surrounding us in our everyday world.

(text from @bcgallery)



Libauerstr. 14, 10245 BERLIN

Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm.


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