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Solo exhibition -SAY MY NAME- by Patrick Hartl. Munich/Germany

February 05, 2016 to February 28, 2016

Patrick Hartl did his first graffiti in the age of 15, at university he discovered his passion for calligraphy. His works reflect his roots and inspiration: Layer after layer Logos, Characters, Calligraphy, Tags, Posters overlay each other. 

Patrick Hartl creates his own wall, indepentend of the material he works with.  The artist connects old craftsmanship with modern streetstyle – with a fantastic result.

“I think the most important point in my works is the multitude of layers; after nearly 25 years graffiti it’s not longer the finished painting which is important to me,

but the way it drives me there – and the “fragments of history” on it. There’s nothing I love more than a 10 years old wall, which has been bombed,

cleaned, bombed again, crashed, washed, damaged…again, and again, and again.  Today, THAT is the essence of graffiti to me – and this is the flavor I try to catch in my paintings.”


Patrick Hartl was born in 1976. Today, he lives and works in Munich as artist and designer. He has been involved in art and design for over 15 years, and his works have been displayed in various cities, including New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.

Besides his activitiy as an artist Hartl was also the editor of the online-magazine „castlemagazine“ (, which has been published from 2005 until 2010, covering as main topics illustration, art and design.2009 Hartl edited his first Book „Beyond Illustration – the finest in contemporary international art & illustration“ published by Publikat Verlag. Topic of the book is the emergence of an exciting new genre of illustration and art.


Feierwerk Farbenladen

Hansastr. 31, 81373 Múnich

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