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Solo exhibition “LEGACY” by Tristan Eaton. Los Angeles, EE UU

November 07, 2015 to November 14, 2015

Subliminal Projects host Library Street Collective‘s exhibition LEGACY featuring an entirely new body of work by Tristan Eaton.“Legacy” is a highly personal and revealing body of work for Eaton. The artist rarely creates such ambitious works and has spent the last 5 months researching and meticulously painting this detailed, abstract, collection of family portraits.

The opening reception is this Saturday, November 7th at 7 pm. The first 100 guests will receive a FREE signed poster of Tristan’s ‘Audrey of Mulberry’ mural.

In this exhibition, Hollywood-born Eaton explores the topic of “legacy,” in his most personal and introspective exhibition yet. Eaton looks for ways to pay respect to those who came before him and honor their legacy for infinite generations to-come, with a captivating array of paintings and fabricated metal print works. The canvas works include mixed-media portraits of spray paint, acrylic and silkscreen, involving patterned, symbolic and metaphoric layers inspired by audio interviews the artist conducted with nearly a dozen people who have played an important role in his life.
“A common challenge we all share is adequately describing a loved one to people that never knew them,” Eaton says on his first solo show in the United States in nearly a decade. “It’s so important to pass on the legacy of those you love to your children and grand children but also to the whole world. The sharing of human stories is an ancient tradition that bonds us closer together as people. As a result, we understand each other more deeply and become stronger better people when the context of our legacy is clear. The people that came before me made me who I am, and I intend to pass along their stories and strengths by creating this ‘time-capsule’ of an exhibition that honors their legacy and preserves their stories for generations to come.”


Subliminal Project

1331 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles,

Event's Gallery:

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