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Solo exhibition -Intelligenza Vegetale- by Gola Hundun. Bologna/Italy

February 20, 2016 to March 18, 2016

Portanova12 Gallery presents the last works by Gola Hundun. This exhibition is inspired by latest discovering of vegetables neurology and metabolic functions of plants.

“What i am going to say might upset you, but you should accept it, whether you like it or not. It’s a simple and mere statement: humans aren’t the best evolved creatures in our planet.


Photo Bizarre

Believe me, it’s true. There are organisms living in this world, spread around us, everywhere in our globe, which adjust themselves to extreme and inhospitable habitats, from which we depend in our living. These beings have an evolution of over 500 millions years, have more developed sense organs and may count on global network of information. Internet is just a defective toy in comparison to them.

No, they aren’t strange, alien creatures or inter-dimensional beings. I’m talking of plants.

Basing himself on Mancuso and Viola’s text “Verde Brillante” which gathers and analyses the last discovers about the intellectual functions of the vegetable world, Gola Hundun tries to turn abilities of this amazing world into images. Set your anthropocentrism aside and let yourself go through chemical messages and neural roots, alliance with insects and mushrooms, moulds in code and fractal shapes in the unknown life of plants”

Text  -Antonella Perazza-


photo Bizarre


Gola Hundun was born in Cesena in 1982, living and working in Barcellona. His work explores the relation between the human being and the rest of biosphere dealing with themes like symbiosis, biology, the return to the earth, energy and mysticism through sensations and chromatic balance.

Gola Hundun takes us into visionary composition, full of details, suggested by elements coming from the natural kingdom. His works in public spaces include installations of natural materials, clothes, live plants, lights and live performances.
instagram @golahundun


Portanova12 gallery

Porta Nova street , 12,

40123 Bologna


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