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Solo Exhibition “Exposed” by Louis-Nicholas Darbon, London

June 04, 2015

Graffik Gallery presents the first solo show by Louis-Nicholas Darbon. His work is very much in keeping with this definition of Pop Art… there is plenty of attitude, plenty of irony, and plenty of expression. Louis also very much takes cue from the popular culture which permeates all of our lives. His artwork is unashamedly Pop Art and proudly so!

Louis-Nicolas Darbon cites many influences to his work; these and his ethnically diverse background have all left their imprint on his artistic style.

Darbon’s travels have perhaps had the greatest effect, with the energy of New York, tranquillity of Paris and creativity in London providing inspiration at every corner.

Working now for a global fashion organisation, Darbon again merges several worlds, with art and fashion colliding.

As seen in ‘The Girl With Lollipop’ his work is undeniably fun and liberating, bursting with energy and colour.


284 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TE

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