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Solo exhibition “Segurança” E1000, Fortaleza/ Brasil

November 28, 2015 to February 29, 2016

Electric Circus Studio presents 11 instalations by the spanish artist E1000. In this exhibition, color maps that mix together  with the architecture using glass, wood and iron as a raw material.

After a period of figurative illustration and color interventions, E1000 is now involved in a new way-working using the glass and essential materials like wood and metals. Since he began his career as a photographer, for almost a decade E1000 always wanted to humanize the public space. It has a vibrant style, well balanced  between improvisation and the constant game of perfect geometry. The artist has the area of how to bring life into  the spaces, some forgotten, some decadent, using a pure style where details are basic and importantes.

His work is a process of constant evolution and always looking for the language and form of most essential urban element.This is how he demonstrates that the city and its spaces are just a blank screen waiting to reveal the color, shapes and volumes. Someone who gets to know every corner of the city, this is E1000. (Text from the gallery)


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