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Solo exhibition SUPERNOVA by EMMEU and Pietro Zucca. Roma, Italy

May 07, 2016 to May 20, 2016

White Noise Gallery presents  SUPERNOVA – expanding geometries between sculpture and street art- a two-man show featuring Pietro Zucca and EMMEU.
A supernova is an astronomical event that generates a huge amount of light, still visible from many galaxies away. As it happens in a supernova, the works from both the artists are the result of an uncontrolled deflagration of pure shapes in space. Lines, surfaces and volumes start as a dense nucleus just to explode and mutate into newborn geometrical constellations.

supernova exhibition Italy

The project room for this show won’t be confined in the lower floor of the gallery but will be developed all along the gallery space; no more a delimited project but a constant contamination between EMMEU and Pietro Zucca. Each artist will work on a single floor but will conceive a site-specific intrusion on the other’s, destroying the dualism that would have been generated from a rigid physical division.

EMMEU (Latina, 1985)
Street artist. His work is focused on pure geometries with a vision that runs from Escher’s impossible mazes to Cryptic’s oriental mandalas.
His own supernovas look like mesmerizing, hand-drawn, expanding solid shapes. They grow with a mitotic cycle starting from a defined nucleus: a cube, the form that was described by Sol LeWitt as the least unrecognizable of the basic shapes. His paintings are explosion’s still shots, covered by bright lines as to suggest a perpetual transformation via a visual Doppler effect.


Pietro Zucca (Desenzano, 1982)
Sculptor. His research develops through architectural criterions and human gestures.
His floating wooden and iron sculptures fit the space suggesting a definitive defeat of the concept itself of weight. The shape of his volumes is driven by old theories. Composition rules from ancient Greece and the scientific approach of suprematist constructions melt in rigorous geometric explosions. Pietro Zucca trapped in the show a tiny portion of a huge sky that culminates in a series of three sculptures showing the explosive climax of a supernova.

supernova exhibition


White Noise Gallery

Via dei Marsi 20-22, 00185 Rome, ItalY
Opening 7 maggio h.18:30
Event on facebook here

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