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Sober Walls Rotterdam 2017

July 09, 2017 to July 16, 2017

Various international Street Art Artists will make murals in Rotterdam, the district where they are going to show their talents is called ‘The Old North’ of Rotterdam. This event is titled ‘Sober Walls’ and is connected with The Sober Street Art Exhibition.

Sober Walls The first edition of Sober Walls was last March. During this first edition in March we invited a few international Street Art Artist: TelmoMiel (Ned), Sebas Velasco (Spa) and Vesod (Ita) to make two murals in ‘The Old North’ of Rotterdam.

lFor the second edition of Sober Walls in July we have invited some other top Street Art Artist with a lot of Dutch influences. The following artists will make a mural in ‘The Old North’ of Rotterdam.

Natalia Rak (Pol) – Does (Ned) – Joram Roukes (Ned) – Amok Island (Ned)


‘The Old North’ of Rotterdam (Erasmustraat, Zoho, Vletsstraat)

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