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SISAF 2020

August 10, 2020 to August 16, 2020

Sibiu International Street Art Festival is a tool meant to color all our souls. It is a proven fact, the influence that color has on a person’s life. The Art Factory Transylvania Association has thought about how to change the gray that surrounds us into pure art and color.

The organizers have joined an artists’ association and set up a street art festival. Through this project, they aimed to contribute with works made by valuable artists, to raise the aesthetic level of the city, as well as to improve the desolate aspect of less favored areas. The main objective of this project is the revitalization of urban space through art.

The street art festival in Sibiu is not just about making murals, but during it other creative activities are organized for all people who love and are passionate about art, as well as for those who are eager to discover and learn about art.

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