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December 16, 2016 to January 20, 2017

Under the double game of Shapes & Forms, we find works by five internationally well-known artists. They have all been able to combine different facets of their artistic activity with a naturalness that would have been unimaginable a couple of decades ago. The less obvious the figurative references are, the clearer and deeper the motivations and roots that animate and vivify their respective poetics. Nawer constructs expansive spaces that like small galaxies seem to extend from their center to exceed the perimeter margins of the support. Geometric shapes and hard lines coexist with evanescent and somewhat gestural counterpoints.

SatOne displays an activity that could be described as baroque. With a careful staging dominated by a clean palette, of variegated forms that generate sinuous and dynamic rhythms whose strength cannot be confined within the orthogonal limits of the work.

Nelio’s proposal combines the inherent action of the process of painting with a synthetic geometry – sometimes organic – that usually dialogues with the background, especially when the support is an abandoned wall, while his paintings tend to a quasi alphabetical ordering.

1010 plays the increasing or decreasing repetition of a markedly closed lobular form that undergoes chromatic variations that end or begin in an absolute black that absorbs everything, which contains everything and, therefore, where everything can arise from.

Finally, CT, his work, is at the same time the most strictly geometric and the one that most directly relates with the tradition of the name. Although in his case, he stresses the game of variations and fragmentations from his initial baseline to extremes and results as independent as autonomous. Two letters, to inks. (Juan Peiro Curator and Art Critic)


Plastic Murs Gallery

Denia Street 45


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