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Re-Vision: Art venue check the website

July 10, 2021 to October 02, 2021

Currently exhibiting at The Point in Doncaster is Re-Vision: an immersive new experience that changes the way we view and interact with street art. Curated by Jeff Clark of Art Of Protest Projects, a new precedent is set for the urban art realm by migrating the scenes from the streets onto gallery walls. A unique experience is brought to art lovers everywhere as The Point and AOP Projects combine forces with high profile and local artists to bring incredible street art right to your computer screen through an interactive digital exhibition.

Around the town of Doncaster, we have seen some impressive street art murals popping up by some big name artists such as Static, Paul Luke and Natasha Clarke. With limited travel as some Covid-19 restrictions are still in place, a unique approach to delivering Re-Vision along with these murals and the stories behind them has been achieved by some very talented curators. Right now you can see the exhibition online and you’ll also be able to explore other artworks as part of ArtBomb, an exciting four day arts festival, coming to Doncaster August 5-9th.

With a video narrative by Jeff Clark, founder of Art of Protest Projects, we digitally step inside the gallery and browse the walls to see, understand and engage with the public art on display. Hear from internationally acclaimed artist duo STATIC as they walk us through their process of delivering street art, workshops and public engagement surrounding art in the urban world. We also hear from artist and poet Paul Luke as he describes his process surrounding the artwork that he creates and why his personal experience with how homelessness has affected the town of Doncaster influences his work. Also exhibiting her work is one of Doncaster’s up and coming artists Natasha Clarke, whose work focuses heavily around identity politics and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Until The Point can reopen its doors, a tour around town will allow art lovers to take in the views of each mural. Visit Static’s visually stunning gable end mural “Back to Nature” at Baxter Park. See Paul Luke’s powerful piece “LIVE COPE GIVE HOPE” on the side of the Empire building on Portland Place and find Natasha Clarke’s proud homage to Doncaster with her mural opposite the Regent Hotel. Also find a resource pack to accompany the exhibition filled with information about the artists, maps and interactive worksheets.

Re-Vision is created by Art of Protest Projects and The Point and is supported with funding from Arts Council, Doncaster Creates and digitised with Respond Reimagine funding from Artfund.

Helen Jones, assistant director of The Point said “The double height gallery at The Point in such a wonderful space, it really lends itself to playful interventions created directly onto the walls. Seeing the artists’ different responses to translating their approach to taking street art into a gallery context has been really exciting. Although we can’t currently open our doors to the public, we hope that people will be able to explore the artworks online and have fun seeking them out around town.”

Jeff Clark, director of AOP Projects said “Transforming gallery walls into urban landscapes has been something that I have been doing for a while in various locations across the world and it was a pleasure to bring Re-Vision to Doncaster and work with the distinguished gallery that is The Point.
Tom Jackson of STATIC said “The transference of the large scale mural in the gallery setting was a natural development of the piece we created on the outside walls at Baxter Park so you can really see how the two things merge together. This was such a pleasure to be able to create.”

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