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“Raise Your Words Not Your Voice”

March 08, 2017 to March 20, 2017

Second solo show at Nuart Gallery by Stavanger based Iranian artist Nina Ghafar. Nina Ghafari’s work is a raw and often painful testament to her unfiltered exploration of memory and self through text and image. A self taught artist whose short lived spell at art school showed her that the teaching of “art” for some social classes, was nothing more than an attempt to condition and mute the often brutal realities and associated creativity of those operating outside mainstream culture. In her case, this concerns second generation immigrant outsiders with a passionate need to express themselves. With no anchor into the prevailing culture, Nina Ghafari rejected the teaching of a historical fine art narrative and set out on a journey of her own.

This journey, riotously and violently laid down in a series of paintings, sculptures, assemblages and text, is an expedition that explores and shines a light on the stark realities of operating on the margins of society. It’s at once both passionately introverted and personal whilst at the same time fiercely engaged with highlighting the entrenched inequalities found within our current political and social institutions.

Photo by  Brian Tallman

Photo by Brian Tallman


Nuart Gallery

Salvågergata 10 – Stavanger, Norway

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