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QUEENS OF LIBERTY by Nafir check the website

February 19, 2023 to March 25, 2023

Persian art meets stencil. This is how Nafir recounts the youth revolution in Iran.The works will be on display until March 25 from Wednesday to Saturday, 15.00 / 19.00
or by appointment by calling +328.333990

The cry of the Iranian revolution against the oppression of the regime reaches Italy, with the works of art of Nafir.

Davide Rossillo, curator and street art expert, founder of the Festival “Memorie Urbane” and of the artistic project “25” has decided to host the solo exhibition “Queens of liberty” at a crucial moment for Iran, overwhelmed by the protests of young people against the regime, which broke out after the death of 22-year-old Kurdish Masha Amini, died in the hands of the moral police who had stopped her because she was not wearing the veil correctly.

Nafir with his art supports the revolution of young Iranians and denounces the escalation of violence of the regime, made up of arrests, summary trials, torture, rape and hangings. Her works parade in the parades shouting “Woman, life, freedom”. His Persian carpets contaminated with street art, appear in front of the stop signs and pedestrian crossings in the street and “disturb” the propaganda trying to shake the population to the reasons of freedom and democracy claimed by Generation Z.

On the other hand, since 2008, this young artist has declared “war” on the censorship of the Iranian government and since his stage name (Nafir means “scream)” contrasts with the silence that often covers the injustices suffered by the most fragile, women and children.

But his works represent an encounter, not a clash, between generations. The geometries of traditional Persian art, present above all in carpets, blend with the human figures drawn with the stencil technique. Bodies, looks, uncovered faces of courageous women and young people stand out on the textures of the precious fabric, which from a conventional and precious piece of furniture is transformed into a message, a manifesto of denunciation.

As does the triptych “Inna”, which this time represents a Ukrainian girl really known by Nafir after the beginning of the war, and through which the artist takes a stand against the violence inflicted on women, men and children in Ukraine.


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