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September 08, 2019 to September 15, 2019

The POW WOW Street Art Festival in the World is Coming to Rotterdam!
This Festival is probably the best known street art festival in the world. It started in the outskirts of Hawaii, transforming a grey suburb into a beloved open air gallery. After several successful editions on the island, the festival spread to locations in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Through this expansion, the festival quickly became a household name that all street artists wish to be a part of. In 2018, its very first European edition was held to much acclaim, with Rotterdam as its proud host!


The murals are POW! WOW! Rotterdam’s main attraction. That is why we’ve once again invited a diverse selection of artists, to create some beautiful art upon the drab concrete. The mural artists who will be attending this year are (drumroll!): Telmo Miel (NL), Smug (UK), Dourone (ES), Super A (NL), L7Matrix (BR), Saïd Kinos (NL), Danny Rumbl (NL), Helen Proctor (AU), Woes (US), Didier Jaba Mathieu (SG) and Nina Valkhoff (NL). London’s own Slinkachu will spread mesmerizing miniatures throughout the Afrikaanderwijk and Spenser Little will come over from the USA to introduce Rotterdam to his surprising wire creations. From the festival terrain, free guided walking tours will go through the neighborhood, so you can easily check out all the murals and the artists working in them. If you want to take a peek at their styles right now though, head on over to our lineup page!

Due to its overwhelming succes last year, 20 VANS 30 CANS returns. On the edge of the festival terrain on September 15, twenty vehicles will be painted live. Applications for vehicle owners will open August 6. Having a look there will be a great way to spend some time on the moments when there won’t be any acts performing on our main stage; the epicenter of POW! WOW! Rotterdam. Here you’ll be able to see and hear a mix of international artists, Dutch trailblazers and upcoming local talent: Coely, Snelle, Not3s, Zwangere Guy, Amartey, Kay-Slice, Sammie Sedano and HUNNA Soundsystem will perform.

Aside from all the art, there is much to see and do during the festival. A true walhalla of urban culture arises, making POW! WOW! Rotterdam more than just a great street art festival. Music, art and sports all get their own place on the Afrikaanderplein. In the week leading up to the festival, various activities for all ages will be available in the surrounding neighborhood. More information about the full program for the POW! WOW! Week follows soon. POW! WOW! Rotterdam is fully free and accessible to people of all ages.

September 8 till 15: POW! WOW! Week, with activities for all age groups.
September 15: POW! WOW! Rotterdam, festival at the Afrikaanderplein.

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