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PichiAvo – EKDOSEIS Exhibition check the website

March 07, 2019 to April 18, 2019

Plastic Murs presents EKDOSEIS, the first exhibition of PichiAvo’s edition works.
It is is a remarkable fact that in the works of PichiAvo the technical virtuosismo and the marked character of their strokes, transfer in a unique way to their creations, an outstanding singularity in the cases of their work on paper.

Drawings, sometimes born as sketches prior to the pictrial/sculptural work, as well as others, acquiring their own identity after being finished and so leaving the drawing as a final work. An inherent fact of their drawings is the passion for the final finishing. Searching, at the moment of selecting the materials for their works, for the best paper, the best reproduction technique and in the most original cases, the use of an element as difficult and iconic as the BIC ballpoint pen.

PichiAvo has selected for this exhibition, works that convey their characteristic plastic language of UrbanMythology. To create a selection of works where the public can see in first person, the precious process that accompanies those first steps that configure its creation; and with the intention that all lovers of art in general, and in particular the works of PichiAvo, may know and possess an essential part of their work.

The show will have; a series of serigraphs based on their pen sketches, some finished by hand. Selecting the serigraphic technique, which together with the technical virtuosity of their drawings, leave an imprint of an inimitable depth, in the finalized piece. Medium-sized works and mixed media works on large format paper have taken place in parallel, both using the giclée printing technique. The choice of the giclée technique is the perfect choice for a format that faithfully embraces the powerful colorist content, which the original contains.

In this EKDOSEIS exhibition, composed by silkscreens and giclée printing, PichiAvo wants to highlight the power that works of art contain when material, technique, and conceptuality come together under a contemporary language of Classical Art and Graffiti, as is the bearer of their work.

Fran Picazo
Art Advisor and Curator

Opening Reception Thursday 7 March
19:30 / 22:00h

On View:
7 March – 18 April

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday
17:00 / 20:30h.

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