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October 10, 2022 to October 16, 2022

The sixth edition of the Contextual Muralism Festival of Oviedo brings together four artists, who will carry out their works from October 10 to 16 in collaboration with the neighbors.

Parees, the contextual muralism festival organized by the Oviedo Municipal Culture Foundation will celebrate its sixth edition between October 10 and 16. Four artists of different nationalities will carry out as many works inspired, as every year, in Asturian themes, and in whose gestation neighbors of the council will participate through the so-called mediation processes, creating connections between artists, themes, community and territory. These artists will join the more than 30 who have already changed the landscape of the council.

The artist uses a figurative drawing with literary and cinematographic influences. She likes to deal with issues related to memory, collective identity and local histories, and for this reason she will work on one of the most outstanding in Oviedo: the greengrocers of El Fontán, who come down every Thursday and Saturday with the produce from their gardens to maintain a street vending tradition dating back centuries.
Mariana will know the lives of some of these women, to later capture them in a mural.

Nieves González, graduated in Fine Arts and a teacher of illustration and painting, will carry out a mural intervention about the popular Asturian proverbs. In this case, the material is being provided by the residents of Oviedo, through a citizen campaign to share their favorite sayings through social networks.

He began his career as an urban artist, and that street root emerges in the everyday environment of his scenes, with a warm color palette and compositions that evoke emotional memories. His mural will be inspired by the traditional Asturian costume, and will be supported by specialists and a famous designer.

Born in Poland and raised in Greece, his work speak about his concern for the human being in these difficult times, and combines muralism with a very personal work on canvas and paper. He has participated in exhibitions all over the world, and in Oviedo he will make a mural based on children’s games, in which students from the Novo Mier Public School are participating, contributing ideas and drawings for a mural. The
organization has also coordinated a citizen campaign inviting people to send personal photographs on the subject and is collaborating with the Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies by making a compilation of its digital collection to inspire the artist.

Unlike what is usual in mural festivals, Parees is committed to contextual muralism involving the public through the so-called “mediation processes”, coordinated by the Raposu Roxu collective and in which associations and experts on the different topics take an active part to help artists in their approaches. The festival understands muralism as something more than a show: it is not simply about embellishing a dividing wall. It is committed to a contextualized movement, respectful of urban space, that improves places instead of invading them, and that is
connected to the social fabric. A conscious muralism.

Finally, Parees focuses on quality, not quantity, because we understand that the mural intervention must be sustainable and respectful, and also promotes relationships between the people involved.

Parees website lists the location of all the murals executed to the date and the routes that can be followed for their visit as an urban and tourist route.


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