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October 26, 2023

We look forward to seeing you at Artrust Gallery Zurich in Bärengasse 16 in Zurich, for the inauguration of the new exhibition of the Swiss street artist duo NEVERCREW.

“Mutual” is the reciprocal exchange and the sharing of the effects of a common participation, the cohabitation of a space, of an environment, of a context. La vicendevolezza in senso lato, understood as an ineluctable and inderogable condition inside every system is, as such, the principle at the base of an equilibrium of which one must necessarily take cognizance.

The works on display highlights in particular the relationship between the human being and nature and in general they concentrate on the perception and awareness that the human being has its position within a natural and social equilibrium in general terms.

NEVERCREW is a duo of Swiss artists composed of Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Since 1996, their artistic path has been developed mainly in the context of urban art with the realization of mural paintings, installations and sculptures. Their work takes shape throughout the world and revolves around the concept of confrontation linked to the relationship between man and nature and between man and “systems”, with particular attention to all environmental and social topics.




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