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MIAU FANZARA 2017 check the website

July 06, 2017 to April 09, 2017

The fourth edition of the great Festival MIAU in Fanzara, this year Ilia Mayer has designed their poster.

M.I.A.U. Festival in Fanzara (Castellon) with a suggestive approach, the idea of open-air museum, is going to focus on sculpture, land-art and other three-dimensional disciplines during this new edition.

Due to the number of walls already painted in the town this year, they will propose to the artists who usually paint walls,  something different, such as bringing their own supports to paint them, or riding them in the village as long as they are respectful to the environment, recyclable, sustainable and non-polluting;

Artist: Charlie SutcliffeDos JotasJofre OliverasKelsey MontagueMilu CorrechPezSixe ParedesSr. ArribasTaquen + Ilia Mayer, o Suso 33.


Entry to the Museum is free, as the streets of the village themselves are the museum. Here some photos from 2016 edition.

Maps are available for you not to miss a thing. The Museum headquarters are located in the MIAU clinic. As it does not have fixed opening hours, you can contact them here to come and visit.

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