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Meeting of Styles Mexico – Monterrey check the website

October 01, 2016 to September 03, 2016

Mexico is always a big adventure and comes up with special spots, many great artists, best tequilla and burritos! Once again MOS to Jalisco´s capital Monterrey!

Monterrey is the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León it is anchor to the third-largest metropolitan area in Mexico and is ranked as the ninth-largest city in the nation.

It is amongst Mexico’s wealthiest cities and as world’s 63rd wealthiest Monterrey is one of Mexico’s most developed cities, with the highest income in the nation. It is regarded as a highly developed city. Rich in history and culture, Monterrey is often regarded as the most “Americanized” city in the entire country, even above the cities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The organizing team took on the task of selecting and inviting 12 foreign artists for quality and experience to participate at the festival. MOS will help to provide a broad view to the viewer of the different techniques in urban art, increasing cultural diversity and cooperation between artists of different nationalities.

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León. Cuauhtemoc Mexico metro station line 1. The Meeting will take place on the walls relating to platforms inside the Metro station Cuauhtemoc, same station which makes connection to the two lines (Monterrey metro is the second largest in the country) .

Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (During the 4 days.)

The Monterrey Metro (also referred to as Metrorrey) is a fully grade-separated light rail rapid transit system. It is the newest of Mexico’s metro systems, with operation beginning in 1991. As of October 2008, the system operated 40 high-floor electric trains along a total system length of 32 km (20 mi). The system’s two lines transported approximately 170.6 million passengers in 2013.

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