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Meeting Of Styles San Francisco USA

September 18, 2015 to September 20, 2015

MOS returns to the Westcoast. The Bay-Area has a strong, vivid and diverse Graffiti-Mural-Art history and scene. Be prepared for a three-day event with lots of art, music and freshness!

Some artists painting are Mark Bode. Crayone, Twick, Vogue, Hyde, Dagon, Spy, Nate 1, Omen, Cuba, Max Ehrman and many many others ….

The place to be the Mission District, commonly called “The Mission”, is a neighborhood in San Francisco named after the oldest building of San Fran, which is located in the neighborhood. Mission Art 415 is proudly hosting the Meeting of Styles in San Francisco.

Few and Far has been invited to Meeting of Styles in San Francisco.

They also hosting a 28th anniversary of SprayPaint Art book signing with James Prigoff and Henry Chalfant along with Martha Cooper ( visiting and documenting).

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