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Meeting Of Styles MAGDEBURG, Germany

September 04, 2015 to September 06, 2015

More than 180 artists from all over the world are expected to rock the massive walls at the Arena. Some crews and artists are: Artigdesignz, Brain Paint Circle, Bears, Capheads, Chris, Choko, Demut, Wizet, DMJC, DFG, Eifrig, 104 Crew, Finals Crew, Friendly Fire, FDN, GZ, GUT, High Tec Crew, HCTR & Your, Harzpiraten, Havoc & Shab, IWS, Kartel & Sold, KMB, Manta Clan, Makes & Crew, Mücke, Nol, Naskool, OHK, Abra, Oic, Onkel Dose, Orbid & Koma, Phun & Crew, PIE Crew, Rugby & Co, Rocket, RDF, Resr, RZM, Smog, Submundo, Serge, SNZ, Size 2, TDR, Team Vapour, Tose & Desq, Town Ship, UZI, Un Art, ZID plus many more.

Official event day is 05th September. Beside of painting there will bars and BBQ, DJ-Entertainment and the screening of the new german Graffiti-Film “Hell, My Name Is”


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